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Advertise Anywhere with New Asphalt, Concrete and Floor Graphics

May 21, 2014 | Justin Sims

Do you need a new, innovative and impactful way to get your message or brand across? Asphalt, Concrete and Floor graphics are your answer. What are these graphics exactly? They are the use of high quality graphic decals strategically placed on mediums like asphalt, concrete, even exterior brick walls in either indoor or outdoor settings.

These full color designs are a unique and impressive way to show off your brand or to get your marketing message noticed. These Asphalt, Concrete and Floor graphics are incredible advertising solutions because of how much they stand out. How can people not notice what’s directly below their feet?

There are so many ways to use Asphalt, Concrete and Floor Graphics. The applications are almost limitless. One of the biggest advantages is for fundraising. Imagine a golf tournament for your favorite charity with a huge corporate sponsorship graphic at the first tee box. You can use them as a sponsored finish line at your annual 5k. Or use them to create a “Build-A-Brick” sponsorship program at your school or business, but one that you can repeat as a fundraiser every year!
Asphalt, Concrete, and Floor Graphics are outstanding promotional pieces for your product, business, sale, or event. What better way to promote a new lunch special than a huge sidewalk graphic outside your restaurant that takes advantage of all the foot traffic out front! They are fantastic for directional and environmental tools. Do you need to point people to your new exhibit? Do you need better directional graphics in your warehouse? Asphalt, Concrete, and Floor Graphics are the perfect solution for both.

The beauty of these decals is that they can be use almost anywhere! Entertainment, concert, and sporting venues are perfect for Asphalt, Concrete, and Floor Graphics. Parking lots, sidewalks, exterior brick and concrete building are also great spots. Use them as walkway signage, as retail floor graphics, or for your latest sale in your showroom. Place them at your school, or a sponsored event. The possibilities really are endless.

So the next time you’re looking for a powerful, dramatic, and imaginative medium for your marketing and fundraising, choose Asphalt, Concrete, and Floor Graphics from Kopytek.

Want to know more? Contact Kopytek at 314.432.2700 and one of our sales reps can help.


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