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Customer Service in the Printing Industry

March 21, 2014 | Kopytek

Customer service in the printing industry is integral in the day to day operation of business. Just as in any industry, customers want to find a printing company that will serve their needs. Professionals in every field provide this service in some form. Account managers must listen to the desires of the customer and provide knowledgeable insight into what product will best fit the requests of that individual. Designers take into account the wishes of the client and negotiate a logistical rendering that best reflects the initial ideal of the customers need. Professionals in the printing industry must provide the same level of courtesy to keep their customers satisfied and loyal to the business.

Why Customer Service is so important
Development of customer service skills are inherently valuable for the growth and maintenance of professional working relationships. Building rapport and strengthening those relationships allow a smoother transaction of interpersonal communication. With effective communication comes an increased probability for order accuracy. This results in the customer feeling understood, as well as, that their needs are being heard.

Why it is critical in the printing industry
This level of service is especially critical in the printing industry. Customers want their product to reflect the image they had envisioned. Actively listening to customer requests and reflecting back their parameters is important for providing order accuracy. Obtaining the correct specifications from customers such as: Paper weight and type, sizes, color options, image quality etc.; is essential for supplying the most accurate order possible. Openly communicating, with individuals regarding orders, to make certain the design for the print is correct as well as hitting all agreed upon deadlines are effective customer service tools. Overall, ensuring customer satisfaction through a mutual process of understanding and communication will increase the level of customer loyalty to the business in the printing industry.

Kopytek provides the highest level of customer service with an unparalleled quality in our work.
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