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C-store Graphics in Visual Merchandising: Quiet Salesperson

December 15, 2017 | Kopytek

Consumer shopping and buying habits have changed. That’s why it’s important to have enticing convenience store (C-store) graphics. These graphics play an integral role in visual merchandising; it’s like having a silent salesperson (or we like to think of it as a stealthy sales ninja) selling your product without having to pay commission.

Visual merchandising is strategic, creative and consists of creating floor plans and displays to reap the highest sales. C-store graphics can:

• Transform a “I’m just looking” shopper into a buyer.
• Help attract your target audience to your display.
• Spotlight the features and benefits of your merchandise.
• Help small details make big impacts.
• Use color to evoke different emotions from consumers.
• Encourage impulse purchases.

When creating a convenience store graphic, you should approach it as though you’re creating artwork because, essentially, you are. The design should be captivating and draw shoppers in. It should also be kept somewhat simple so your message isn’t lost in the details. Use different colors for contrast and to influence the consumer’s perception. Kopytek’s graphic design experts can help you create incredible C-store graphics that are guaranteed to get noticed.

How Often Should Your Business Change Convenience Store Graphics?

Many businesses and convenience store owners wonder how long they should wait to switch out their graphic displays. We recommend taking a look at your sales calendar and plan out your visual merchandising strategy for the entire year accordingly.

Typically, the graphics correlate with the seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. Pay special attention to any holidays or events throughout the year that might tie-in with your product for special promotions.

It’s important that your c-store graphics are changed out regularly. Outdated and worn graphics will provide poor representation of your company. Changing them up often will continually get them noticed and different designs can reach different consumer demographics.

Creative Store Window Graphics Will Bring Them into Your Store

You don’t need a kid dancing on the corner and spinning your company sign. Beckon potential customers with a creative store window graphic. Window decals need to work especially hard for attention from all the other competing outdoor elements. Our design experts can help you create a bright graphic that cuts through the visual clutter, grabs your audience’s attention and brings prospects into the store.

Custom Floor Graphics for Your C-Store Display

Another and maybe more unconventional way to garner shoppers’ attention is with a custom floor graphic. This different approach has proven to be very successful with C-store displays and can increase revenue.

For best visibility, place your floor decals in high traffic areas. Use the floor graphics to guide shoppers where you want them to go. When installing the graphics, work from the customer’s point of view and consider their line of sight when entering the convenience store. Some popular floor decals include foot prints or arrows leading to the product. Get creative and make them fun so they stand out!

Don’t Forget About Gas Pump Toppers

Many people pay at the pump—never even entering the convenience store. With gas pump toppers, you have the power to change that. These simple, but effective visual displays are typically framed advertisements put on top of the gas pump. Promote a deal that’s too good to pass up or display an image that speaks to the consumer, persuading them to run into the store.

Convenience Store Printing

Creating striking visuals that grab attention is Kopytek’s specialty. Our experienced graphic designers will help you design the perfect convenience store graphics to promote your product. We offer professional, high-quality convenience store printing that will stand out. Contact Kopytek for all your convenience store printing needs.


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