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From Font to Fame On Typefaces

November 16, 2016 | Kopytek

If you have a keen eye for design or typefaces, this one is for you. One of the most notable, modern fonts revered by font freaks everywhere, Futura, is now a part of the FUTURA THE TYPEFACE collection at the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz, Germany.

What started as a student project has since turned into a collection of submitted photos curated by graphic designers Sarah Schmitt and Christian Weber, that all contain the beloved typeface. These photos could contain anything from an ad on the side of a bus to the logo of a giant corporation, as long as it is in Futura font.

They’re calling it the “Futura type trap” and since launching on September 15th, there have been over 700 submissions from all around Europe. Every photo on the site is uploaded by the person who takes it, reviewed by Schmitt or Weber and then marked with a drop pin on an interactive map of the world. So even if you can’t make it to the exhibit in Mainz, Germany, you can still be a part of it!

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