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Should You Use Personalized URLs (pURLs) in Your Direct Marketing Campaigns?

March 5, 2014 | Justin Sims

Personalized URL’s or pURL’s have been used for years in direct marketing.
You can find them being used in:

•  Print
•  TV
•  Billboards
•  Radio
•  and Digital Channels

What are Personalized URLs?
The name basically explains it all.
It is a URL ( that is personalized for the recipient.
An example pURL:

Why use pURLs?
There are a handful of reasons you may want to use pURLs.
Some use them to create a unique experience for the recipient while others will use it for tracking purposes (and some do it for both reasons).

In the above example we listed a Personalized URL that contained a recipients’ name, but many companies will use another type of pURL that some refer to as a Vanity URL.
An example Vanity URL:
This is a Vanity URL used by MTV to promote one of it’s campaigns

So Should You Use Them?
We say YES!


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