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Postal Pointer #2 – The Writing on the Wall for Handwriting?

April 24, 2013 | Kopytek

At Kopytek, we are always staying on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to being St. Louis’ leader in digital printing, but today’s post is an ode to to a time where HP was just someone’s initials and the written word was king (in fact, if you knew how to write, you were probably a king).

As far as brands go, Kopytek has worked with a number of regional and national brands that use “written word” printing to personalize marketing collateral. In fact, handwriting fonts are something that has revitalized the print industry (just imagine if Guttenberg had one of our printers!). Handwriting fonts simulate the effect of actual handwriting, and many of these fonts are so spot-on that the naked eye can’t tell the difference.

While these personalized mailer effects come at a higher cost (especially if mailed via USPS) than simply having someone manually handwrite the piece, in our testing, the open rate has definitely outweighed the extra cost.

Becky Odom, VP of Strategic Services at Barton Cotton proclaimed that “a good hand-written font will perform as well or even better than actual handwritten addressing with the added benefit of costing less.”

As far as direct mailer response rate, Ted Lonnberg at Think Marketing, Inc. in Eugene, Oregon, said “we have conducted several case studies that prove hand-addressed mail outperforms mechanically addressed mail almost 3 to 1.”

Technology has simplified so many things in the digital printing industry, that at Kopytek, we will be the first to tell you that as far as manual handwriting goes – the writing is on the wall.

For more on handwriting fonts and personalizing your marketing collateral, contact us at

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