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Print Marketing is Not Dead

December 30, 2016 | Kopytek

The printing technology has radically impacted how we interact with each other. From drawing on cave walls to writing on Facebook walls, humans have been sharing creative ideas for years. It’s part of human nature. But just because the ways we work and interact are changing, doesn’t mean the written word has vanished.

Print marketing is changing and is growing into creative marketing to get your brand to stand out more. In marketing print pieces your brand should consider the different varieties of paper textures, colors, sizes and folds to help your brand attract attention. Kopytek’s printing process consist of three critical components to success: quality, efficiency and service. Our graphic designers will work with your to create something exceptional or your can design your own piece. Read our guide on creating print ready files.


Print Goes Digital

The business industry is growing rapidly. With advancements in digital printing, business and marketers can benefit from a new world of vast communication opportunities — a significant change from the days of mass printing, where business would print batches of materials to receive any ROI from their marketing efforts. Long gone are the days of printing 5,000 flyers. One sponsored Facebook post can have the same impact. Using a variety of marketing techniques are important to gain the attention of different audiences.


Lean and Green Sustainability In Printing

The transition to digital is also an effective way to contribute to sustainability in printing. By maintaining a digital presence, marketers are reducing paper usage, saving resources and preventing waste. Commercial printing pieces, which includes items such as brochures, posters and flyers, aren’t sustainable articles.

Kopytek’s pledge to sustainability in printing:
*Acquire paper from renewable forestry
*Recycle waste
*Use water-soluble agents
*Buy renewable power, including solar and wind
*Electronic proofing and delivery
*Internal recycling of cans, plastic and paper materials
*None smoking environment


Brave New World

Shared technology allows companies to share information while saving precious resources like time and money. It also reduces costs and waste. Now organizations can share and print materials when and where they are needed. This is a huge change for many marketers. What was once a long, arduous process to get marketing materials is now a seamless process.

The moral of the story is: Print’s not dead. It just went punk… er… digital. The marketing industry took it and suddenly made it agile for the changing business industry. It’s now fit for our modern era.

What do you think? Is print dead? Do you find digital outlets more successful than print pieces, or are we way off base? Let us know!


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